The Make A Difference Race:

The Make A Difference Race is a running event aimed at raising awareness of depression. The objective of this race is to rally the community to show support and create a more accepting society so that individuals with/recovering from depression will be encouraged to seek help early and find hope once more.

For the second year running, The Make A Difference Race also aims to breakdown social stigma associated with depression and mental health, so that individuals recovering from depression may be given greater employment opportunities.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide* and research has proven that love, acceptance and support from family, friends and the community plays a crucial role in the process of recovery from depression.

Show your support by taking part in a 3.5km Buddy Fun Run or 7km Competitive Run. Let us unite and cross the finishing line together to show individuals with/recovering from depression that they are not alone.

Let us Make A Difference.

*World Health Organisation, Fact Sheet, October 2015.

The Make A Difference Race Ambassador


Eelyn Kok is a local television actress whose acting career started in 2001. She is happily married to her husband of six years and is a doting mother to their young son, Zane.

When Eelyn was 23 years old, she would put up a strong front around others even though deep inside she was overwhelmed with a whole lot of emotions including sadness. She would wake up in the morning, lie in bed and just stare at the ceiling for the rest of the day. Sometimes, she felt that she could not even handle meeting people, and would reject invitations, preferring to sleep the day away locked in her room instead.

This lasted for 6 months.

As Eelyn shares: "One day, a voice inside me told me to get up and get out of the house,"

"I understand how difficult it is to step out of it. But if you keep to yourself, you'll be lingering at the edge of an abyss.”

"Don't keep on this spiralling path that leads nowhere. Talk to a friend, get some adrenaline pumping with exercise or seek professional help."

Keeping those months of depressive experience close at heart, Eelyn is now back on her feet eager to help others recovering from depression and to raise awareness of depression as an Ambassador for The Make A Difference Race. She is a bright example of how one can take the step forward to recovering from depression.


Kate's Profile

Despite being a full-time working mother to an active 3 year old boy, Kate is full of energy and drive in pursuing and supporting the causes she believes in.

In late 2014, after one of Kate's relatives lost the battle against depression and took his own life, Kate was inspired to start The Make A Difference Race to raise awareness on depression and other mental health issues.

Kate strongly believes that it is only through greater awareness and understanding on these issues, that myths and social stigma associated with them can be broken down and proper help / treatment can be sought. And it is only when misconceptions about depression and mental health are broken down, that we can see greater empathy, support and acceptance for people with mental health issues by the society.

"There's worth and purpose in every person. We are all designed to Make A Difference in this world."

Linnette's Profile

Linnette is one who pursues her dreams with child-like faith and persevering hope. She is a people-lover, especially the youths and children.

Raised in a single-parent family, Linnette was taken care of by her maternal grandmother in her growing up years and was very close to her. So when her grandmother passed away during her teens, Linnette's world came to a standstill. She couldn't cope with the sudden loss and suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. Thankfully, with strong and loving support from her family, as well as timely and proper professional treatment, she was able to recover completely and in a short span of time.

Linnette is now a stronger person than she was before and she wants to see similar breakthroughs and victories in the lives of others. This is why she was inspired to organize The Make A Difference Race. She firmly believes that timely professional help, love and support from her family and friends were keys to her recovery. And she hopes to rally people to come together to show support for those going through depression, and restore hope and meaning in their lives.

"It's time to stand up and step out to Make A Difference!"

Joel's Profile

Joel is a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Social Work who is bursting with zeal, passion and energy to effect social changes to help the marginalized and disadvantaged.

Joel lost his beloved father to cancer when he was just 16 years. Suddenly, he became the man of the family and had to undertake responsibilities and burden beyond his years. Yet, in the seemingly bleak and helpless situation, he held on to the hope that things will get better. His family and friends came alongside with encouraging words as well. This glimmer of hope, as small as it was, was the very thing that helped him pull himself together and move on in life.

Joel hopes that through his personal struggles, experiences and victories, he can help encourage others going through unexpected and unfortunate circumstances in their lives to carry on. This is why he studied social work and is organising The Make A Difference Race to advocate for mental wellness. He firmly believes that with greater awareness on depression and mental health, it is possible to combat social stigma and restore hope to those who need it.

"Be the change, be the hope. Make a difference."

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