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1. Share Your Story

Share Your Story is an initiative that features personal journeys of individuals going through mental health conditions. Their stories will allow the community to better understand the struggles they face and hopefully, engender greater empathy and support for the mental health community. We hope that through this channel, more will know that they are not alone, and will be encouraged to press in and press on towards recovery.

To share your story, drop us an email at

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2. Give Them A Chance @ Work

'Give Them A Chance @ Work' is an initiative to showcase companies which provide work opportunities for people with mental health conditions, and to rally other companies to come along to do the same. We believe that providing work place opportunities to people living with mental health conditions not only helps to reintegrate them back into society, but also helps to break down social stigma and dispel misconceptions people may have about mental health.

3. Shake It Off Challenge

Labels are not meant to be stuck on people. Sometimes, we don't realise the consequences of the negative words that we use on people around us.

In raising awareness for mental health and depression in Singapore, we present the SHAKE IT OFF challenge!

The Shake It Off is a campaign to send across communicate the message that labels should not be used on people. Hence, through this fun and innovative way to engage the community, and to break down social stigma and misconceptions of people with mental health conditions.

Join us in taking a stand against labeling! YOU, can make a difference today! All you need are some post-its with negative labels on it, following this simple steps and you are all set:

1. Grab your post-its and write on it the negative words that people label you or others with
2. Stick the Post its all over you!
3. Grab your camera and get ready to...
5. Post the video on social media, and tag 3 other people to do the same!

Remember to use ‪#‎themadrace #‎themadraceshakeitoff too!

TAG! You're it! Now you have 48 hours to complete the challenge!

4. Behind the Rainbow Campaign

The Make A Difference Race will not be possible without the contributions of many individuals. Click here to find out more!

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