Race Highlights

1. 7 Rainbow Coloured Wrist Bands

Each wrist band is embossed with a special message and given out at The Make A Difference Race. Put on these wrist bands to remind yourself and those around you on how to improve the mental health. Collect them all along the 7KM route or at the end of the 3.5KM Buddy Run!

2. Shoe Lights

Be the light, be the hope of The Make A Difference Race 2016! Use the shoe lights to signify that no one is alone and bring light to others with your family and friends.

3. Hand Print of Support

Give a big Hi-Five on the canvas at the end of the race to pledge your Hand Print of Support. Leave your mark to show support to the mental health community. The canvas will be archived and displayed for all to see via our social media platforms.

4. Carnival

We also have F&B booths for everyone! Bring your family and friends for a picnic and fun time under the stars! Psst… You can join the carnival too even if you are not taking part in the race (:

5. Obstacles

Lift of Faith

Cross over a 5ft platform with your partner! Get ready to give your partner a push/lift as you get up and over!

I’ve got your back

Clear a 5m stretch with balloon place between you and your partner. Be careful not to burst the balloon or you will have to start all over again.

(PS: No hands allowed!)


  1. An inflated balloon will be placed between you and your buddy. You can decide how the both of you would like to “hold” on to the balloon. But remember, no hands allowed!
  2. Clear a 5m demarcated stretch of road.
  3. Once cleared, pass the balloon to the nearest volunteer and head off to the next adventure!
  4. If the balloon bursts before you complete the course, return to the start point and re-attempt the obstacle.

Lend a helping hand

Guide your blindfolded buddy as he/she re-hydrates you with a cup of ice-cold water.


  1. Blindfold your buddy with the blindfold provided by our friendly volunteers and guide him/her to an available marked spot.
  2. Stand on the spot marked opposite your buddy.
  3. Guide your blindfolded buddy to feed you a cup of water. You are not allowed to move from the marked spot throughout the game.
  4. Once cleared, you can head off to the next adventure!
  5. If the cup drops during the activity, you will have to re-start with a new cup of water.

2 the Finish

Strap yourselves together as you head towards to finishing line!


  1. Our friendly volunteers will provide you with a wrist strap to join you and your buddy together.
  2. Once the strap has been secured, you can continue the adventure together!

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Manoeuvre through a dark tunnel together and head towards the light where the finish line awaits you!


  1. Manoeuvre through a dark tunnel while strapped to your buddy!
  2. Head towards the lighted point of the tunnel.
  3. Once cleared, you can head off to the finish line!

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